Mobile Device Management is the answer

An increasingly mobile workforce means that many of your physical assets (computers), and the proprietary corporate data found on those assets, are more often than not out of the confines of your corporate offices.

If an employee loses a computer with your IP, can you track it? Can you wipe it? Can you deny a third party access to your corporate network? The answer is yes you can, if you have MDM (mobile device management) as part of your IT strategy.

MDM services include:

  • Locating your devices
  • Encrypting or remote wiping data in case of loss
  • Securing the access to your corporate network
  • Enforcing corporate IT policies
  • Having a comprehensive view of your inventory

Think of it as a much more robust Find my iPhone that will help you protect your corporate infrastructure.

Loss and theft are common challenges faced by companies big and small. The impact of the loss can be significant and have long-term impacts.

Give Hybridge a call - (888) 353-1763 - or email us at support at to discuss what kind of data you have that needs to be protected, and whether MDM makes sense for you.

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